Holy Spirit Parish,Tulia Texas

Pentecost Sunday, June 6, 1976, was a momentous occasion for parishioners. It was the day the new church building was dedicated by Bishop Lawrence DeFalco. The day also marked the 25th anniversary of the construction of St. William’s Church. To acknowledge the growth of the Spirit among the parishioners, St. William’s Parish became Church of the Holy Spirit. The old church building then became the parish hall and religious education center, “St. William’s Activity Center,” to preserve the former name. The Church of the Holy Spirit is a beautiful structure of modern design, featuring brilliantly colored faceted-glass windows, an impressive statue of the Risen Christ, an audio-visual booth for projection of lyrics and images, a unique fountain baptistery, a Blessed Sacrament Chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The Journey of the Diocese of Amarillo: 75 Years on the Llano Estacado, 1926-2001

It takes restless hearts to build a parish. Hearts that are movedby The Holy Spirit, not “anesthetized” by the world as Bishop Zurek put it in his Homily at the Pentecost Vigil Mass last Saturday.

At the conclusion of this bicycle pilgrimage on the Monday after Pentecost and the Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary,  Mother of the Church, my prayer is that Church of the Holy Spirit, St. Mary’s Cathedral and the entire Diocese of Amarillo may “rest in you, O Lord.”.

One of his most famous lines is this: “Our hearts are
restless until they rest in you, O Lord.” (St. Augustine, Confessions)

Bishop Patrick J. Zurek, “A Reflection on Christian Life”

One thought on “Holy Spirit Parish,Tulia Texas

  1. Yes. He was basing it on some things that Pope Francis stated. The jest was that prior to COVID-19 we were “anesthetized Christians” but now have be awoken & are trying to find a new normal , & we should be careful in choosing.


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