Scraps From the Table

I’m celebrating the Feast of Corpus Christi by watching a livestreamed Mass from St. Ann’s parish in Canyon, and keeping in prayer–

The Vulnerable and the Elderly (who) are discouraged from attending Mass on Sundays until further notice;

Guidelines for Returning to Mass at the Cathedral as Safely as Possible

I’m disheartened that our pastor has abandoned his prior stance that:

We are one Church; so we celebrate together and we fast together.

Bishop Patrick Zurek, Continued Shelter
in Place, April 28, 2020
This Letter was Previously Posted on the Diocesan Web Site but was Deleted When I Emailed Bishop Zurek Questioning Why He Was Reversing His Original Statement

I believe that our shepherd permitted those of us who consider ourselves “secure and young” to return to the Eucharist “ Because of the hardness of your hearts“. He, as Moses, could not deal with the objections of the many who were eager to feast at the Table, even if it meant leaving “The Vulnerable and The Elderly” behind. I don’t agree with his decision, but I certainly understand it.

What I cannot condone is how St. Mary’s Cathedral is not even allowing “The Vulnerable and The Elderly” to “eat the scraps that fall from the table of their masters.” , by providing a livestreamed Sunday Mass as some parishes are. Even my inquiries as to WHY, during this extraordinary time of dispensation, we are not providing this ministry to those who have remained resolutely loyal to their home church, and perhaps would take particular comfort from the familiarity of our own livestream, have gone unanswered.

I have sent my monthly donation since I have been unable to attend Mass. I don’t understand why the Cathedral has stopped live streaming for those of us who are in the high-risk population. I watched Mass live-streamed from St. Ann’s yesterday evening. I will now make my monthly donation to them, or to Feed the Children or Salvation Army. After all these years of attending, St. Mary’s has really let me down!

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