Thursday of the Twenty-fourth Week in Ordinary Time

Today, the nature that surrounds us is no longer admired, but “devoured”. We must return to contemplation; so as not to be distracted by a thousand useless things, we must find silence; for the heart not to become sick, we must be still. #SeasonOfCreation

Pope Francis
Statue of Christ damaged in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, El Paso. Credit: Diocese of El Paso

In this moment we will reach out in confidence to the One this statue represented and I know he will console us.

Bishop Seitz of El Paso
Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso, Texas, kneels at El Paso’s Memorial Park holding a Black Lives Matter sign June 1. Seitz and other clergy from the diocese prayed and kneeled for eight minutes, the time George Floyd, an unarmed black man, spent under a police officer’s knee before dying May 25. (CNS/Courtesy of El Paso Diocese/Fernie Ceniceros)

will i use this an opportunity to express my confidence in my chosen presidential candidate’s ability to solve this “problem”; or see it as an invitation to find consolation in the arms of the Sacred Heart by contemplating the “Mystery” of a God Who has a purpose in allowing such evil to occur?

Today’s Scriptures

I am reminding you, brothers and sisters,

of the Gospel I preached to you,

which you indeed received and in which you also stand.

1 COR 15:1

R. Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.

“The right hand of the LORD is exalted;

the right hand of the Lord has struck with power.”

I shall not die, but live,

and declare the works of the LORD.

PS 118:1, 16AB-17

“But the one to whom little is forgiven, loves little.”

LK 7:47B

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