Memorial of Saint Pius of Pietrelcina, Priest

With unceasing blows of healing chisel and careful stripping away, the divine Artificer seeks to prepare stones to build an eternal dwelling – as our mother, the holy Catholic Church, full of tenderness, sings in the hymn of the office for the dedication of a church.

From the letters of St Pius of Pietrelcina
Captured photo of Padre Pio

Solidarity needs subsidiarity. There is no true solidarity without social participation, without the contribution of families, associations, cooperatives, small businesses, and other expressions of society. #GeneralAudience

Pope Francis

This is during the Democrat deal. There’ll be no oil, there’ll be no God, there’ll be no guns. This is not a good campaign. 

Donald Trump Rally Speech Transcript in Fayetteville, NC September 19

am i using my catholicism to “chisel” away on the other party’s platform, or as a hammer to build my own party’s platform into a structure that lifts me to our eternal dwelling?

Today’s Scriptures

give me neither poverty nor riches;

provide me only with the food I need;

Lest, being full, I deny you,

saying, “Who is the LORD?”

PRV 30:8B-9B

Through your precepts I gain discernment;

therefore I hate every false way.

R. Your word, O Lord, is a lamp for my feet.

PS 119:104, 105

Then they set out and went from village to village

proclaiming the Good News…

LK 9:6

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