Tuesday of the Thirtieth Week in Ordinary Time





A “throwaway” world

20. This way of discarding others can take a variety of forms, such as an obsession with reducing labour costs with no concern for its grave consequences, since the unemployment that it directly generates leads to the expansion of poverty.[15] In addition, a readiness to discard others finds expression in vicious attitudes that we thought long past, such as racism, which retreats underground only to keep reemerging. Instances of racism continue to shame us, for they show that our supposed social progress is not as real or definitive as we think.

And the constant and insistent claim “I have proof” means nothing when all is fabricated.

Bishop Patrick J. Zurek
The sun sets behind a statue of Mary on Apparition Hill in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina, in this Feb. 26, 2011, file photo. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has issued a notification stating that Tomislav Vlasic, a former Franciscan and former spiritual adviser to the alleged visionaries of Medjugorje, has been excommunicated. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

Unofficial Catholic paper mailed to Wisconsin Catholic homes before election

This is the front page of the Wisconsin Catholic Tribune, which was mailed to Catholic homes around the state ahead of the Nov. 3 presidential election. The Compass, the official Catholic newspaper of the Diocese of Green Bay, Wis., reported that it is not known how the Tribune’s publisher received addresses and names of Catholic families. (CNS photo/Sam Lucero, The Compass)

maga-catholics in fear explain that when “social progress is not as real or definitive” as our president claims, it is due to the  “apparently inexplicable way,” the “children of light” (whom they say) “constitute the most conspicuous part of humanity”, (like the wheat flour in the dough), “are held hostage” by “the children of darkness”, (whom they say) “represent an absolute minority”, (like the yeast)???

comfortable catholics in fear that they are not able to explain why the mustard seed doesn’t appear to becoming a fully grown large bush, or the yeast leavening the dough; “fall into the temptation of the ‘wicked’, that is, of living, and perhaps also of praying, as if God does not exist, and as if the poor do not exist”….

socialist-catholics in fear explain that the reason why “social progress is not as real or definitive as we think” is because the mustard seed has died and the yeast is no good; thus they lose their catholicism for socialism

Catholics in LOVE walk in the LORD’s ways knowing that how and when the mustard seed grows or dough is leavened is a great mystery of GOD that we all understand until someone tries to explain it!

Today’s Scriptures

This is a great mystery,

EPH 5:32

R. (1a) Blessed are those who fear the Lord.

Blessed are you who fear the LORD,

who walk in his ways!

PS 1:1

“What is the Kingdom of God like?”

LK 13:18

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