Friday of the Second Week of Advent

In his letter, A Reflection on Christian Life, Bishop Zurek attempted to silence a group, who were speaking out about abuses taking place at St. Mary’s Cathedral in 2019, whom he dubbed as the “few”.

Just yesterday

afternoon another social media communication was sent out. One line

interested me very much. “I am stepping away from this issue until our parish

and our diocese are stabilized.” This is a clear indication that this one of “the

few” has no intention to stop causing division in the Body of Christ. His line is

quite clear; he only wants division and disunity.

Bishop Zurek, Paragraph 13, A Reflection on Christian Life, a letter to St. Mary’s Cathedral

Was this, “one of ‘the few'” wanting, “division and disunity”, or was His Excellency mandating “uniformity”?

A Brick in a Memorial Walkway at St. Ann’s, Canyon

The answer, as always, lies in today’s Gospel…

“To what shall I compare this generation? 

… But wisdom is vindicated by her works.”

MT 11:16-19

My prayer 🙏 is that if Bishop Zurek wants us to dance to his flute playing, he post his advent reflection, The Joy of Life/Cristo—El Gozo de la Vida, before advent ends and remove his dirge, “A Reflection on Christian Life” from the diocesan website…because although there is a proper time for each, they both can’t be done at the same time!

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