Virtue of Justice

This Lent I have been participating in a virtual retreat by the Bishop Defalco Retreat Center.

“With Mark O’Keefe’s book Virtues Abounding as our guide, we will explore the Cardinal Virtues of Prudence, Justice, Fortitude (or Courage) and Temperance and see how all the other virtues hinge on these four,”

BDRC executive director Linda Astuto

This week’s virtue has been justice, or the habit of giving to others what is due. One aspect of justice that was revealed was that of “vengeance”. At times what is due to a person who is in sin is amends. As I practice this virtue I learn to exact or ask for the amount of vengeance that is called for, and no more. I also remain aware of my response to others who exact vengeance on me and give them what is truly due them without seeking vengeance that is self-centered.

It always amazes me how deep our Catholic faith is.

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