The “Grandeur” of The Diocese of Amarillo

Holy Thursday

On this Maundy Thursday I am recalling that in his Holy Week homilies thus far Bishop Zurek has offered us the encyclical letter, Fratelli tutti of the Holy Father Francis on “Fraternity and Social Friendship” as a Catholic alternative to “Cancel Culture“. In obedience to both of my shepherds I will use this teaching as the basis for my blog for the time being. I’ll start with paragraph 175 that speaks to the topic of “International Power”.

Providentially, many groups and organizations within civil society help to compensate for the shortcomings of the international community, its lack of coordination in complex situations, its lack of attention to fundamental human rights and to the critical needs of certain groups. Here we can see a concrete application of the principle of subsidiarity, which justifies the participation and activity of communities and organizations on lower levels as a means of integrating and complementing the activity of the state. These groups and organizations often carry out commendable efforts in the service of the common good and their members at times show true heroism, revealing something of the grandeur of which our humanity is still capable.

This paragraph draws to mind that the “grandeur” of the Diocese of Amarillo throughout this past year of darkness has been Catholic Charities of the Texas Panhandle!

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