Where Does the UCA Money Go?

Third Sunday of Easter

“Have you anything here to eat?”

Lk 24:41

Chapter 5



Sacrifices born of love

189. We are still far from a globalization of the most basic of human rights. That is why world politics needs to make the effective elimination of hunger one of its foremost and imperative goals. Indeed, “when financial speculation manipulates the price of food, treating it as just another commodity, millions of people suffer and die from hunger. At the same time, tons of food are thrown away. This constitutes a genuine scandal. Hunger is criminal; food is an inalienable right”.[188] Often, as we carry on our semantic or ideological disputes, we allow our brothers and sisters to die of hunger and thirst, without shelter or access to health care. Alongside these basic needs that remain unmet, trafficking in persons represents another source of shame for humanity, one that international politics, moving beyond fine speeches and good intentions, must no longer tolerate. These things are essential; they can no longer be deferred.

As people of Faith, we know God is far greater than this enduring pandemic. He can bring nourishment, strength and growth out of whatever comes along to challenge us.

Bishop Patrick J. Zurek

The 2021-2022 United Catholic Appeal (UCA) is vague about how much it gives to “Serving the Poor”, but after reflecting on paragraph #189 of Fratelli Tutti, it can be determined that it wasn’t enough!

In recent homilies Bishop Zurek has made it clear that the standard for love and unity in our diocese should be the encyclical of Pope Francis, Fratelli Tutti. A major indication of what we value most is where our money goes. This year’s brochure features photographs of where UCA donations go, but the number one receiver of monies, the “Bishop’s Office and Chancery” and “Support Services”, is not pictured.

According to the graph on this year’s brochure nearly 40% of funds is directed to the Diocesan Pastoral Center, while less than 10% goes to “Social, Spiritual, and Pastoral Ministries”.

My prayer for today is that Bishop Zurek restores the United Catholic Appeal to bringing, “nourishment, strength and growth out of whatever comes along to challenge us.”

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